It's More Than Just Gut Health

I’m Nicole Evangelista DietitianIrritable Bowel Syndrome Specialist 
 Gut Alignment coaching uses the healthy masculine and feminine as a gateway to sustained symptom demolition (because hey, we could use a bit of that). 
I want to guide you to that door.

My Services

You want to work with someone that listens to your unique story.

You want to work with someone that personalizes your protocol.

You’re going to love working with me.


Meet and Greet

Your complimentary introduction to what I do, how I do it, and see if we're an aligned fit. If so, you'll hear a bit about what your road map can look like. These are short and sweet!

Gut Alignment Coaching

We dive deep to unravel symptoms by combining outer technology (gut testing) with inner technology (alignment and intuition) so you can step into the highest version of yourself.

About Me

 I want to be your fiercest advocate and your strongest anchor. 

My own IBS journey was littered with the seemingly endless trips around the “drink more water” and “have you tried fiber?” ferris wheel.

It wasn’t until an injury when everything fell apart that I discovered the source to healing #ToiletDrama that no one was talking about; harnessing the healthy masculine and feminine.

It was my gut health that I healed, but really my entire life changed. I can’t wait to help you do this, too.

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