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I’m Nicole Evangelista DietitianIrritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Specialist 
When we work together we don’t ask what is happening, but why. Combined with proper gut testing this integrative approach is how my students achieve sustainable relief. 
You’ll ditch symptoms and make peace with food again.

My Services

You want to work with someone that listens to your unique story.

You want to work with someone that personalizes your protocol.

You’re going to love working with me.


Free Clarity Call

Start here! We'll hop on a quick call so I can learn more about you and determine your quickest path to relief.

1:1 Gut Revival Coaching

This is NOT a diet or band-aid solution. When we work 1-on-1, we dive deep to heal the root cause of your issue with functional lab tests.

About Me

I help driven people heal the core-cause of their symptoms so they can have regular bowel movements and make peace with food again.

My own IBS journey was littered with the seemingly endless trips around the “try more water/fiber” ferris wheel. I tried a number of medications and diets – we call these band aid fixes – but none worked for good. 

I completed the intensive Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy certification to find the answers noone could give.

Today, I share my reliable and repeatable systems for IBS relief. I learned how to find and relieve what is causing the symptoms in the first place. 

 I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you!

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