About Me


I’m Nicole: Dietitian + IBS specialist

I help driven people heal the core-cause of their symptoms so they can have regular bowel movements and make peace with food again.

My own IBS journey was littered with the seemingly endless trips around the “just try more water/fiber” ferris wheel.

I felt misunderstood, tired of disappointing medications/diets and afraid of my body.

By combining my clinical education and personal experience I found the answers noone could give.

 Please raise your hand if you’ve ever been told your symptoms were normal, could be simply mended with more water and exercise, or had to be managed with daily medications. I bet your hand inched north.

If you’re here, odds are those answers aren’t working for you. 

When we work together, we dive deep into your health story. I listen to your concerns and use functional tools including nutrition protocols, relaxation and toxin assessment, targeted supplements and proper lab testing we uncover the root cause of your symptoms and create a personalized roadmap for relief. You’ll get all the accountability you need along the way.


BS, James Madison University

Dietetic Internship, Virginia Commonwealth University Level 1 Trauma Unit

IFNACOT, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy 

COT, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Integrative and Functional Certificate program

Leveraging Labs, Functional Lab Training

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